Tuesday, April 21, 2009

seven things i like.... i dont like the word like but here it goes

1_firstly my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ above all things without Him i am dead

2_i love my moms rusks, especially when i sit on my spot on the stoep with a cup of good dark coffee

3_mistakes and intuition

4_drawing in my sketchbook in train everyday

5_ i love the way and what Paul wrote in the Bible

6_coca cola (glass bottle)


il post the links to othe people another time, since i have a limited amount of you readers as contacts.

enjoy your day.

TRUTH to you all


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  2. All work seen was loved. I especially liked the statement above, the quaker-esque couple painted on wood from your flickr site and the cold wind of lawllessness. Jou werk is toomloos en uitgelese. Ek sal vir jou a trompie speel om dat jou werk is so goed.